When your cat steps out of the litter box, you know that’s not the end of your litter box concerns. From cat litter tracked into the rest of your home to the cleaning of the occasional accident, you’ve got an eye out for litter box problems throughout your house. Fortunately there’s a large number of… [Continue Reading]


Tired of the mess of cleaning the litter box? Several products make the job a clean sweep, rotating or sifting the litter automatically. Higher-priced electronic products detects that your cat has used the box and (especially important) left the litter box, at that point sifting and removing waste to keep your house smelling good…and to… [Continue Reading]


Do you think your cat would like a little privacy in his “bathroom”? Or do you need for his litter box to be out of sight and don’t have a dedicated space for his litter box? A litter box cover just might be the answer. Litter box covers come in a variety of styles (and… [Continue Reading]